With many of us stuck inside our homes, a pandemic like COVID-19 is an apt opportunity for hackers to strike. But even as ample awareness takes place, the average consumer doesn’t care about security as much as they should. Why is that? In a word, convenience.

Take Zoom. Remember those few days where almost everyone reported about Zoom’s many security issues? Governments and tech giants publicly banned employees from using the software. Yet, there seems to be no slowdown of Zoom meetings. Even media platforms that reported about Zoom’s security issues continue to use the software publicly. Times like these…

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It’s a busy Monday morning. You’re working non-stop on that overdue report. Meanwhile, you might even have a couple of <insert favorite tv show here> episodes you missed being downloaded. Just when you’re about to finish things off, all of a sudden your screen goes off. The blue screen of death. Oh, how I hate that wretched screen. If only there was a way around this. Sure you can scan for viruses and malfunctioning software. Worst case scenario would be to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows. But one fine day, I thought of going for an alternative. …

I’ve been meaning to set up a home media center with a Raspberry Pi for a while. Now, I finally found the time to build one for myself and thought it might be useful to pen it all down. The idea was to build an inexpensive solution to store and organize all my media files and turn my regular LED TV into a smart one. There are a few steps involved but essentially the end result will let you access all your movies, tv shows, music, and whatnot from one central location within your own network. …

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Microsoft’s quest for a more open ecosystem

It’s official. Windows 11 is coming and with it, a whole lot of changes to the OS. There’s certainly a lot to be excited about, especially given the host of design and feature changes. But what does it all mean for the developers? Is it as open as Microsoft is making it out to be? While it will be some time until we get a definitive answer, here’s an indication of what to expect.

Microsoft Store is opening up

One of the biggest announcements is for the Windows Store. Microsoft’s exclusive app store has been around for years. But it never managed to capture the…

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What the Fastly crash tells us about the internet

You’ve probably seen all the tweets by now. Some of the biggest websites in the world went down including Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, Stack Overflow, GitHub, gov.uk, Hulu, HBO Max, Quora, PayPal, Vimeo, Shopify, and Stripe. Even news outlets like CNN, The Verge, The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC, and Financial Times were impacted by the outage.

Visitors to any of these sites were greeted with a 503 error. The issue was attributed to Fastly, a popular CDN provider that suffered an outage resulting in a big chunk of the internet going down with it. At least for a while.

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and how they helped me find work amidst a global pandemic

LinkedIn. It’s a platform with over 740 million users and yet we’re still trying to gauge its potential. No doubt you would have seen people talk about the many opportunities LinkedIn has to offer. You might have even tried your hand at it but haven’t really seen the results. I’ve been down this road too and for the first few years, I had no luck either. But thankfully with a bit of persistence and some “hacks”, LinkedIn ended being the most rewarding platform I’ve ever been on.

How LinkedIn helped me

I’ve been active on LinkedIn for quite some time. But it wasn’t until…

The company looks for the answer in Super Follows

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Ah yes, Twitter. The platform that can’t seem to keep itself away from the news. Whether it's politics or canceling a celebrity over a controversial statement, it’s never a quiet day in the Twittersphere. Lately, the company has been making headlines for less sinister reasons. In a recent presentation for analysts and investors on what’s next for Twitter, the company announced “Super Follows”, a way for you to charge for your tweets.

Wait, why would I pay for tweets?

It sounds ridiculous at the outset. The last thing you want to see is that funny Twitter account you’ve been following has put up a paywall for tweets…

Fallout from Disney’s purchase of Star Wars resulted in the death of a promising project

The Mandalorian is shaping up to be one of the finest storytelling a TV series has to offer. Of course, I could be biased being the avid Star Wars fan I am. But at the very least it’s certainly promising enough for people to hold on to their Disney Plus subscriptions. Particularly after that season 2 ending.

As a gamer, I couldn’t help but wonder why this story isn’t already a video game? It has all the elements to make it a fantastic triple-A title. A bounty hunter traveling all over the galaxy on a grand quest? It’s the perfect…

And why it might not be everyone

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The idea of paying for an email service may sound a bit odd and unnecessary. After all, many of us have been using email services for years, as a free utility than anything else. So why would anyone want to pay for something that’s already freely available? Well, if you’re someone who deals with hundred-odd things on email regularly, a better alternative would make sense to you too.

My problem with emails

Email services have come a long way from their early days at MIT. What started off as a university “Compatible Time-Sharing System” is now a vital tool for our everyday lives. Regardless…

Inching closer to realizing its “Netflix for gaming” dream

Image by X35 Earthwalker

In an unexpected turn of events from the gaming world, Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring ZeniMax Media for a whopping $7.5 billion. ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda is the publisher for some of the most popular gaming franchises such as Doom, Dishonored, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls. With the acquisition, the company and its franchises will fall under the tech giant’s ownership.

A few months back, Microsoft flirted with the idea of acquiring WB Games when AT&T announced its intention to sell the gaming division. Later, AT&T did a u-turn and no longer wanted to sell WB…

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