Getting Fit: How Far Can Technology Take You?

Perspective from a South Asian island nation

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Holding yourself accountable

Many fitness and health-related apps have inbuilt engagement mechanisms specifically to retain users. The Strava app hurls frequent challenges to entice users from around the world to participate. Workout apps like the Zen series send you regular reminders in the form of push notifications. It’s not like you’re going to win the lottery. But these nudges encourage users to utilize these apps.

It’s more than “working out”

Every now and then, we tend to set ambitious fitness goals just so to end up discouraged halfway through. But often, it’s easier to begin with smaller targets and build up momentum gradually. Besides, being fit and healthy isn’t all about intense exercise. Part of it is about eating, sleeping pattern and other everyday habits.

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Time spent on smart devices can take a toll

There are also other aspects to consider, such as work and hours spent on smart devices. These factors directly impact one’s health. For instance, I usually work on my PC, late into midnight almost on a daily basis. One downside to that is, I expose myself to the blue screen far too long. The result is a lack of sleep and at worst, weakened eyesight in the long run.

Technology is only an enabler

An underlying concern in the modern environment is that we often take the conveniences of technology for granted. Today, you can track most of your physical activities by simply wearing a fitness band and syncing it to your phone. You can get apps to regularly remind you about your active to-do list. It’s all at the convenience of your fingertips, literally. Though admittedly, it’s a bit ironic that the very thing that gets in the way of our health and wellbeing, is also helping us detox.

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Technology will help you get fit, but it’s no magic potion

Personally, tech has definitely helped my health and wellbeing. It has also helped people like Bhanuka to lose weight effectively. Furthermore, tech is also helping so many platforms to create better awareness around health and fitness.

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