Pornhub has a serious problem

Women are continuously exploited for views on the platform

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A platform for non-consensual content?

Unfortunately, non-consensual videos continue to thrive on MindGeek’s platforms, with victims left in dire situations.

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Last November, PayPal pulled off from Pornhub. It is believed that the decision might have been influenced by two federal anti-sex trafficking laws. (Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash)

How is PornHub addressing these problems?

This begs the question, what is Pornhub doing about this? Following the report of Rose Kalemba’s case, Pornhub responding to the BBC mentioned that the incident took place back in 2009, several years before acquired by Mindgeek. “So we do not have information on how it was handled at that time”, the statement reads.

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Is MindGeek a monopoly?

As of now, MindGeek owns four of the top 10 porn aggregator “tube sites”. These sites facilitate widespread piracy of porn content made by performers and content producers. This leads to viewers opting to pirate porn instead of paying for the content.

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The monetization conundrum

So why let the content be pirated on its own sites? For MindGeek it is a matter of realizing income either way. With pirated content, the company would still stand to earn via ad revenues while cutting out the performers entirely. Although MindGeek disputes the claim that its tube sites are dependent on pirated content. According to Michael, MindGeek’s tube sites have three main sources,

  • Content Partners: Accounts for 30–50% of all content
  • User-Generated Content: Accounts for 15–25% of all content
Exploitation exists at all levels

What we can do

To be clear, the idea is not to ban porn itself. But rather, to address the dangerous side of the industry; how it enables sex trafficking and exploitation of women and minors. Holding companies like MindGeek responsible is vital if one hopes the situation to get better by any means.

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